Apply Green Logistics to Your Supply Chain

There is now a green way to reduce costs and to gain efficiencies. Reducing total carbon footprint is rapidly becoming a business imperative, and in many cases, an environmental mandate as well.

Some organizations are only getting started on that journey, but many companies have already taken bold action and discovered that reducing costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are not necessarily mutually exclusive initiatives.

Executives from leading companies in both the logistics service provider and shipper communities are now establishing green initiates. With support from Hybrid Intermodal Transportation these leading companies are leveraging HIT technological solutions and services to make their supply chains more environmentally responsible.


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On-Time Delivery, Routing either door to door, facility to facility or matching the best combination of available resources to exceed the needs of our customers.


to achieve continuous improvement, operational quality and velocity.


HIT Systems improve the efficiency of truck, rail and marine by filling the empty miles of under-utilized repositioned equipment.


Our IT systems offer visibility that produce control and clarity.


HIT Systems have environmental benefits by employing technologies that help improve congestion mitigation and air quality.

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